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The goal of Personal Success Strategies is to guide you to living Your Life on Your Terms.

Embracing your best self, reducing fears, worries & stress, improving interpersonal relationships, creating abundance but most importantly; teaching you to set the standard for how other’s view & treat you, supporting you to truly love you first and reconnecting you to your truest passions & desires.

Personal Success Strategies
In-person Support

Depending on your location, we may be available to meet with you in your home.

Online Support

We will video chat via Facebook Messenger or Zoom, right from your home.

Qualified Advocates

Andrea & Maggie are here to support you living Your Life on Your Terms!

Affordable Rates

We will help create a package that fits your budget with easy payment plans available.

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Why Choose Us

We are the Best

Our team combines 30+ years of client services. We are able to support you through a variety of challenges

Priority Always to Clients

Our Team believes in supporting you through life events as the happen.

We Always Motivate You

We will keep you accountable to your goals and support you through the rough patches that may arise.


Struggling to Get Started?

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We will respond in the next 24 hours.

Tips on Transforming your Life for Good

River of Life Preface – The Formative Years

Follow along as Maggie courageously shares her journey from trauma to empowerment, discovery her spirituality and learning to life Her Life on Her Terms.

Daughters of Narcissistic Moms


Daughters of narcissistic moms lack confidence, have very little self-esteem and are unable to trust their own ability to make decisions.

Saving Your Marriage

Saving your marriage even after you have tried therapy, counselling or even retreats can seem hopeless. I have heard so many people say :…but there’s too much water under the bridge.” My response is quite simple – as long as we still have a bridge, we can repair your marriage.

Managing Stress with EQ

Want to become a happier, healthier you? This free program offers tools for managing stress and emotions, improving your relationships, and bringing your life into balance.

learning to live Your Life on Your Terms big

learning to live

Your Life on Your Terms

8-week On-line Workshop


Learning to live Your Life on Your Terms means:

– to make positive lifestyle changes
– to become more accountable to personal core values
– to enrich the lives of those around us
– to enhance connections with family, friends & other positive influences
– to recognise the roles we choose to live, ensuring each role will have a great impact on the satisfaction we find for ourselves.
We are now offering this 8-week e-course that will get you started on your journey to living Your Life on Your Terms.
If you have ever had a Power Hour and need a little more guidance, support or nurturing – this is the workshop for you!
We are currently offering this at an incredible introductory rate that will never been seen again!!
Seating is limited to ensure that everyone in the group receives the care and attention they require to ensure a successful transition.
Click REGISTER NOW to reserve your seat!
Classes start Nov 7, 2019
Did I mention that you get all of this for only $99.98 (CDN)?