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Yes, I am a Parenting Coach, and Yes, I empower women.

But here's what sets me apart.

Do you remember your tiny little baby?  The first time you held him, you became instantly aware of all the possibilities.  You wanted to create a life filled with hopes, dreams & unconditional love!!

As infants & toddlers, you expected sleepless nights – it was your job to nurture, care for & protect. You easily took this on because you could visualize a future of self-security, possibility & exploration.

You could envision a life of unlimited possibilities, expanding the possibilities of abundance & guiding them to realize their potential!!

You promised to nurture, guide & always keep them safe. You vowed to make their lives better then yours.  You wanted them to fully experience life at it’s best.  At that moment, you realized their future, their possibility was in your hands.

Then she is a toddler, naturally expanding her awareness, filled with unlimited potential.

Pre-teen, very busy experiencing life, adapting to the world around him, exploring possibilities.

Teen – stuck.  No movement, progression

But…things beyond your control get in your way. Traumas lead to anxiety & depression.

Today, you have distant teens & angry kids. You feel like a failure.  Hanging on to that dream, you employ every trick in the book to get your family back to the way is was before.

The money you have spent trying to hold it all together; repairing damages, buying devices, date plans, WIFI, legal fees, therapy.  And nothing to show for it, expect more expenses, arguments & stress.

Has it gone too far?

Is it still possible to fix this?

Of course, we can fix it!!!

  • I am a Mom. My journey has taken me through 2 divorces, toxic relationships, children with mental health issues, children with physical health issues.  Stress, frustration, sleepless nights, worry, fear…. you name it – I felt it.

My journey has taught me a lot about YOU!  You are resourceful, creative, forward-thinking, you excel at problem-solving!

You do not give up hope!! You can still visualize the amazing possibilities!!

You have tried it all, therapy, counseling, every parenting trick out there, EXECPT – the 1 person your kids look to for guidance!!

Virginia Satir wrote:

“Your children will become who you are, so become who you want them to be.”

I know you are ready to start your new life TODAY!

I know you can visualize the possibility!  We’re going to eliminate the can’t, the maybe, and the should haves from your life!!!

I know you will inspire your children realize their potential!!

I know you want to experience the unlimited possibilities & the abundant futures your children have in store!!

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Hi, I'm Andrea

I have loads of impressive positive change - Andi Louqualifications, years of experience (both personal & professional) that you can read about when you have a minute (who, as a parent has a minute?).  The most important piece you need to know, is that I AM A MOM.  Just like you.

There has got to be a better way!!

"Your children will become who you are, so become who you want them to be."

~Virginia Satir

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