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Champion of Hope

Vikki Copeland

I realize that my struggle is my own lack of self-love.  I need to work on ME first! Thank you for your guidance.

Denyse Kurn

I have learned how to break down goals into tiny, daily action steps to ensure success.  I now know I can do what motivates me.  Thank you Andrea.



Talking with Andrea for that hour turned my entire day around.  She made me feel safe & understood, which helped me to see my husband's side of things (which was SO HELPFUL!!!!).  She even offered to talk to my husband separately - which he took up (and is very grateful for). 

~ Jenny Ambrose

After attending Andrea's Workshop, I am way more capable & fabulous then I thought!!  Today brought up ideas that I knew I had but supported me to act upon them!!

Andrea, You are fabulous!!  So glad we connected!

~ Jennifer Campbell

Andrea is able to connect with people on a personal level in a professional way that allows people to be comfortable around her.  I watched her connect with people most would consider a lost cause.  She is down to earth, respectful and sees potential in everyone she works with.

~ Chris 


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