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I am here to help you GROW

Together we will set Goals, assess your Reality, brainstorm Options & decide What to do

I aim to change your life in a positive way that will encourage & inspire you to live your best life!

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Expect Miracles
~Andrea 💞

What makes you tick?  How long has it been since you felt grounded.  Where do you feel most at home?  Who are you underneath all the chaos that life has given you?

Find the answers these these questions and many more in 1 FREE Hour!!!

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Find helpful tips & true tales that will inspire you.

Your inner strength lies at the intersection of your mind, body & spiritual beliefs.  Creating balance and harmony within your mind, body & spirit, allows you to see the world around you with joy, gratitude and acceptance.

In a relationship you either grow together OR you grow apart.  Let's get your relationship moving forward with healthy communication, love, respect & deep connection.

If disconnected brokenness describes your family dynamic, this may be a starting point for our work together.  Often times, the stress of parenting can be overwhelming.  Together, we can rebuild the foundations of your family by exploring your values, goals & visions for the future!

your life on your terms

I believe the body has the power to heal it's self if given the proper tools.  I use essential oils, plants & herbs to create natural body care, simple home remedies and amazing dishes.  I am still learning, but I would love for you to learn with me.

New Studies Reveal Anxiety & Depression May Not Be Related to Mental Health Disorders

Read the new study here.

What people are saying about Andrea and her work:

Ratings !!!

My call with Andrea is inspiring and positive. She is bang on with her analysis and advice for me. She brings confidence in me that I can find a way through the obstacles. Our call is much more valuable than the services I have encountered through OHIP.


Ratings !!!

Andrea is a special person. She is a incredible listener, coach and intuitive .  Thank you for the incredible insight and breakthrough. I highly recommend Andrea.


Ratings !!!

WOW, is all I can truly say. My very first phone call with Andrea consisted of so many tears. Tears of joy, of relief, of omg!!!! is she psychic? I am completely amazed at how a complete stranger knew more about myself than probably most of the people in my life.


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