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I want to see BEAUTY. In everything. Be surrounded by beauty; in nature, in myself, in people, in kind deeds, in selfless acts.

I want to be FREE. Free to choose. Free to decide. Free to roam, explore & just BE.

I want to LOVE. Whole-heartedly love & be loved. Love my people, my surroundings, my life; past, present & future.

I want to be HAPPY. I want you to be happy. I want to be a part of your journey to happiness, because you are such an integral part of my journey.

I want to be GRATEFUL. I want to express gratitude for all the tiny little moments. I am grateful for you and all that you are to me. I am grateful for my family, my children, my friends & colleagues. I am blessed.

I want all of this for YOU. I want you to be FREE to see the BEAUTY, LOVE your life and be HAPPY for you!! I want you to be GRATEFUL for all life has given you!!

I will support you on your journey.
I will love you unconditionally.
I will celebrate all your milestones!
I will help you do & be everything your heart desires!!

Will you join me?

To celebrate this awesomeness, I am offering:
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Explore your true nature
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  • Reignite your internal flame
  • Reduce the chaos or conflict
  • Be happy, be in love, just be.

Life is not supposed to be hard.

Life presents us with challenges to teach us lessons about ourselves, the world around us and our role in that world.  We all have a purpose.  Living your purpose goes a long way to reducing the stress, anxiety, depression, conflict & chaos.  

It is also important to surround ourselves with people who support us, lift us up and guide us.  Do you have those people?

positive change - Andi LouHi, I'm Andrea

I have loads of impressive qualifications, years of experience (both personal & professional) that you can read about when you have a minute (who, as a parent has a minute?).  The most important piece you need to know, is that I AM A MOM.  Just like you.

 I've been the young mom, single mom, divorced mom, remarried mom, foster mom and the community mom.  I've been the fun mom, the controlling mom, the strict mom and the leave it alone, I'll just do it myself mom.  I've been the stable mom & the bat shit crazy mom (my kids will back this up.).  When my kids were in crisis, I was the jump in with both feet mom & the paralyzed with fear mom.  I have been the got my ducks in a row mom and the which of these ducks are mine mom.  I can't count the number of I don't want to be a mom anymore days.  But, I kept going, and I survived it all, and so did my kids!!  Together we are quite happy with the fact that none of us is perfect.  If you were to ask my kids today, they will tell you that their childhood was riddled with imperfection, but as young adults, they wouldn't change any of it.

Here's the point of my little ramble:  I have made it my life's work to master the fine, imperfect art of parenting.  Both personally & professionally I have worked hard to create & implement strategies to help ease the stress & chaos.  I have worked with hundreds of children & their families over the years, and now I am here for you.

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"Your children will become who you are, so become who you want them to be."

~Virginia Satir

simple, effective & proven methods.

Stories of Success

I do not know what I could have done without Andrea in my life.

It all started with her unique way of getting to know me, creating a profoundly accurate profile of me and her understanding of my needs.  She had a way to really know me in a very short period of time.  Quickly, Andrea was able to bring out the part of me that has been missing for a very long time.  She brought light and hope back in my life and I am eternally grateful for that.  She helped me see who I really am; she empowered me to have such a better outlook on my day-to-day life as well as my overall perspective on life.  Andrea has a gift!  I only hope that more people will benefit from this insightful person.  PLEASE give her a try!
~Dr. Margaret L. Tudor, CMPC

Andrea is able to connect with people on a personal level in a professional way that allows people to be comfortable around her. I watched her connect with people most would consider lost causes or closed books. She is down to earth, respectful, and sees potential in everyone she works with. Going forward in the field of addiction, I can't imagine she would find anything other than success.

An absolute pleasure to have worked with.


With Andrea's support I was able to go back to school and start a very successful career!!


My daughter had a couple of sessions with Andrea and during their sessions, my daughter acquired a job, planning to go back to school this fall and most importantly, she is doing some little things to improve her health. She just got herself a blender bottle, mat, and some exercise bands. As a mother, I am a happy camper right now.


Andrea has really changed my life for the better. When I first met Andrea I was a mess I didn't want to go to school, I didn't want to do anything. All I did was sleep because that was my escape. Andrea helped me realize that there is so much more to life I just had to find. There was times were I just wanted to give up but I never did because Andrea was there every step of the way to help me.


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