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Personal Success Strategies

We are Empowerment Coaches for Woman who are ready to Live Their Life on Their Terms.
We explore the generational dysfunctions in a family.  Abuse, for example, usually doesn't spring up out of no-where.  These are learned behaviours.  Abusers tend to raise abusers, the same way co-dependent women raise co-dependent daughters.  Passive/aggressive behaviours are also generational.  We're taught to not rock the boat.
If you think about all the technological or medical advances we have made in the last 30 - 40 years.  The world has changed, how we do things has changed, but how we react, cope or handle things has remained the same.
Our focus is to change some of those generational thought processes.  We support women to assess the role she plays, the expectations she has,  and we help her to create her life on her terms.
Most of our clients struggle with debilitating anxiety and some also struggle with depression.  We will help her explore the very unique set of skills her life has taught her.  We will enhance those skills so that she is able to visualize her future, realize her potential and create possibility.
Building a life (at any age) is a lot like building a home;
  • You need a foundation - an understanding of who you are, what you believe in & a solid set of boundaries.
  • Then you need a structure - this is your plan, your goals and a detailed map of how to achieve those goals.
  • Next you need walls, windows, doors & a roof; your protection from the elements - this is the relationships in your life.  Having solid, nurturing relationships is what protects you from harm.
  • The final step is decorating your home and this is your Mission Statement.  A short, powerful statement of who you are.

I see, hear, feel & know that I am ________ because ____________________!

This is how we build Your Life on Your Terms!





Creator of Possibility





Tribal Queen

Champion of Hope

Vikki Copeland

I realize that my struggle is my own lack of self-love.  I need to work on ME first! Thank you for your guidance.

Denyse Kurn

I have learned how to break down goals into tiny, daily action steps to ensure success.  I now know I can do what motivates me.  Thank you Andrea.



Talking with Andrea for that hour turned my entire day around.  She made me feel safe & understood, which helped me to see my husband's side of things (which was SO HELPFUL!!!!).  She even offered to talk to my husband separately - which he took up (and is very grateful for). 

~ Jenny Ambrose

After attending Andrea's Workshop, I am way more capable & fabulous then I thought!!  Today brought up ideas that I knew I had but supported me to act upon them!!

Andrea, You are fabulous!!  So glad we connected!

~ Jennifer Campbell

Andrea is able to connect with people on a personal level in a professional way that allows people to be comfortable around her.  I watched her connect with people most would consider a lost cause.  She is down to earth, respectful and sees potential in everyone she works with.

~ Chris 


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Far too many people have no idea what they can do, because all they have been told is what they can't do.

Together, we can remind you just how capable you really are!!

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We prefer the video conferencing platforms of Zoom or Facebook Messenger.

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  • Survivors of abuse
  • Divorce preparation & support
  • Major life transitions
  • Addiction recovery

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  • Marriage repair
  • Divorce support
  • Family stability

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