Personal Success Strategies

Are you struggling with…  

  •   …creating rules your child will actually follow? 
  •   …getting your child to help with daily household chores?
  •   …the amount of time your child spends with technology – social media, video games, chats?
  •   …enforcing a reasonable curfew?
  •   …respectful communication with your child?
  •   …motivating them to find/keep a job?
  •   …creating rules for the home to reduce the chaos?
  •   …your child’s anxiety/depression?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then keep reading.


  • Really listening to your child
  • Finding time to talk / really get to know your teen
  • Dealing with the way your teen speaks to you or others
Letting go & trusting your teen
  • Helping your teen develop self-discipline
  • Allowing them to make mistakes & deal with the consequences
  • Ensuring adequate essential life skills
  • Setting & maintaining boundaries & limits
  • Avoiding power struggles & negotiating with your child
  • Remaining consistent.  Saying "no" and sticking with it
  • Avoiding conflict

Expand your communication skills

  1. Make time - Be available without distractions
  2. Practice Active Listening - listen to be informed, not to respond.
  3. Communicate Assertively - use "I" statements not "you" statements.
  4. Ask open-ended questions - invite participation by asking for more information/clarification.
  5. Communication barriers - Your presentation matters.
  6. Model Effective Communication Skills - Always demonstrate respectful communication - they are always watching & learning.

"Your children will become who you are, so become who you want them to be."

~Virginia Satir

Family Values


To be honest with others, but more importantly, ourselves



A truly outstanding woman who always greets you with open arms and a golden heart.

- Marissa

My daughter had a couple of sessions with Andrea, and during their sessions, my daughter acquired a job, planning to go back to school this fall and most importantly, she is doing some little things to improve her health. She just got herself a blender bottle, mat, and some exercise bands. As a mother, I am a happy camper right now.

- Annalyn

PSST changed my life for the better. Andrea has helped so much in life, and I can't thank her enough.

- Kat

With Andrea's support, I was able to go back to school and start a very successful career!!

- Tasia

Thank you so much for coming! Your workshop was fun, informative and educational. I learned to think outside of the box and about myself based on separate thought/ actions. I would love to have you to our next group.


Next Wave Youth Centre, Strathroy


positive change - Andi LouCertified Family Coach Practitioner

As a Certified Life Coach (CCF) my goal is to unify families by reducing stress between parents & teens by re-engaging all members of the family through purposeful activities & meaningful conversation.
My background in Addictions has connected me with some of the most difficult to serve youth in Southwestern Ontario.  For the last 10+ years I have worked with youth in corrections, addictions, homelessness and foster care who are struggling with abuse, neglect, attachment and/or trauma.  While working with various organizations to support youth, I quickly realized the gap in services for struggling youth.  In working with teens, it became very apparent that the greatest opportunities for healing laid within the family; however, this proved to be the greatest gap for effective service delivery.  There is a standard expectation that the troubled youth need formal services. In some cases this may be true. But imagine for a moment that a service exists that can strengthen the support that a youth requires through supporting his/her family.  Expecting a family to care for & support a youth without fully understanding the issues is a disaster in waiting. It is very much like having a heart attack and shaming the heart for stepping out of line.  To treat a heart attack, we examine all aspects of the body, internal functions & external forces to create a well-rounded plan to prevent further episodes.  The same can be said for how we address challenges within the family. 
It has been my repeated experience that the best support a family can ever offer a struggling member is engagement and empowerment.  Allow me to share why my service is so effective and how you and your family will benefit from my expertise. Firstly, for your own comfort, I will arrive to your home and through easy conversation with pertinent members of the family, I will complete an assessment of the processes you have in place.  Through exploration we will talk about what has worked and what hasn’t netted productive outcomes.  Then together, we will create goals and outline our plans to achieve those goals.  My approach to coaching is highly creative and solution focused so we will engage in many creative avenues to assist in skills enhancement, improved accountability and ensuring each member of your family has exactly what they need to be successful. 
It may come as a surprise to you but all of these strategies and activities will reduce the stress within the family and vast improvements in family functioning have been found in as few as 6 weeks. 


Unsure of how this will work?

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