Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

Do you practice gratitude daily? Most of us run through every day, completing task after task and never really stopping to appreciate all that is.

My Gratitude practice began with The Magic and has grown from there.  Taking time out of each day to focus on all the good parts of my life has brought an entirely new perspective to the world around me.  There is a calm that has settled over me and it has replaced the chaos that I believed was the only way. 

Why Practice Gratitude?

Our brains are hardwired to perceive danger, so we are always on the look out for the negative things around us.  Our minds focus on what we don’t have, how we have been hurt, the aches & pains we feel and the things we can’t do. 

It is possible to rewire our brains to see the good in everything.  Researchers have proven, through a variety of experiments that the feeling of gratitude will improve your sleep and reduce feelings associated with anxiety and depression.  Therefore; with improved mood and less fatigue, our brains are better equipped to to tackle inflammation, reducing the risk of heart failure. 

Gratitude activates the hypothalamus as well, with downstream effects on metabolism, stress, and various behaviors. The hypothalamus is located at the base of the brain and regulates hormones responsible for many critical functions, such as body temperature, emotional responses, and survival functions like appetite and sleep. One of the neurochemicals associated with the parts of the brain affected by gratitude is dopamine, a pleasure hormone. Through the power of gratitude, you can wire your brain to be optimistic and compassionate, making you feel good. The more you look, the more you can find to be grateful for. This positivity can extend to those around you, creating a virtuous cycle.

Practice Gratitude

30-Day Gratitude Challenge

I am running a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge on Facebook and we also have quite a few members via email. So many people have joined this challenge not knowing what to expect, having no understanding of gratitude and in the first week, are having life altering results.

30-Day Gratitude Challenge
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Who Should Practice Gratitude?

YOU. You and everyone you know, every one you love and every one you interact with. Imagine a world where we all truly appreciated each other, helped each other, supported & loved each other. We should all be teaching our children to be grateful (the opposite of entitled!!)

Where Do You Practice Gratitude?

Everywhere. Anywhere. Take this practice with you everyday, wherever you go. Thank someone for holding a door, making your coffee, or letting you cut into traffic. Be grateful in every moment of every day.

When do You Practice Gratitude?

I start every morning by listing 10 things I am grateful for. I purchased a simple journal from the dollar store and every morning I write out 10 things. I follow each of these things by saying thank you, thank you, thank you. I pause each time to truly feel that gratitude before moving on to the next.

As I travel through my day, I am grateful as often as possible. Grateful for the person who made my coffee, the person who has given me employment, the people who maintain the streets I travel, and so on.

In the evening, just as I crawl into be, I silently review all the good things that happened in my day and again, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

How Do You Practice Gratitude?

Don’t stress yourself out about this practice. Keep it simple in the beginning.

Practice Gratitude Daily
  • I am grateful for my family; they’re endless love & support.
  • I am grateful for my friends; they’re laughter, encouragement & loyalty
  • I am grateful for money & all that it has gifted me with.
  • I am grateful to have a home that is warm & safe.
  • I am grateful for love; all the love I receive & all the love I have to freely give
  • I am grateful for the life I have lived – every minute has made me who I am today!
  • I am grateful for my body; it’s physical abilities & limitations
  • I am grateful for my health; when I fuel it properly, my body has the power to heal itself.
  • I am grateful for sunshine; the warmth, the glow & the growth
  • I am grateful for today; I will not waste my gift of today!

Need more inspiration?

There are a number of ways to get inspired to practice Gratitude:

  1. Join our Group on Facebook.
  2. Join our Group via email.
  3. Schedule a Empower Hour to discover all the reasons you have to be grateful!!

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About the Author

Andrea is a Life Coach, Ho’Oponopono Practitioner, Speaker, Wife & Mom. She believes in the daily practice of gratitude and shares her knowledge & experience with those around her.

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