To My Wife,

To my wife

My darling wife,

Thank you for always being the best cheerleader I didn’t know I needed. I know that at times I seem distant and unresponsive. I know you think I’m distracted and don’t listen to you.

I am listening, I am interested in everything you say. Sometimes, the world is just too big for me and I need you to help me through.

  1. Give me time & space. I know you need to talk out your feelings, but I’m just not built like that. I need time alone to mull over all the stresses I have. When I get it all untangled in my head, I will talk to you about it. Please just be patient with me.
  2. Please don’t try to solve my problems for me. I know the solutions come easy for you, but as a man, I need to do things my way. It may not be right, but please let me try.
  3. Get my attention. I have a million things going through my head at any given point and am not as good as you at multi-tasking. So, please, before you start an important conversation or request something of me, make sure to gently get my full attention. Place your hand on my shoulder, or some similar gesture that tells me I need to focus on you.
  4. Encourage me. It is very difficult to cope with all the societal stressors placed on a man. I really need you to believe in me, have faith in me and cheer me on.
  5. Help me to feel significant. One of my biggest struggles is feeling important, feeling like my opinion matters, and feeling significant in our relationship. There isn’t anything you can’t do. I just want to feel like me my contributions matter.
  6. Please don’t try to control me. I will talk to you about decisions before I make them. I will talk to you about plans with the guys, before I make them. I will talk to you. Please allow me to have a voice.
  7. Use positive re-enforcement. I will always respond better to praise than I will to harsh criticisms. Please be kind.
  8. You teach me to be a better man. I watch you. I watch everything you do; how you talk to people, how you handle stress, how you parent our children. Keep doing what you’re doing, because I am learning by watching you.
  9. Forgive my childish ways. In times of stress or in situations I don’t know how to handle, I revert to the little boy in me. I crack jokes, make farting noises and can be very annoying. I’m trying to grow up, please be patient.
To my Wife,

Thank you

Thank you for being the light in the storm. Thank you for your patience, I know some days I really try you. I appreciate your love and support more than I will ever be able to express to you.

Love always,

Your forever adoring husband.

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