The Perfect Bowl of Soup

Bowl of soup

The perfect bowl of soup can warm your heart, calm your soul, ease your pain and provide comfort in times of stress. A bowl of soup, made with love from raw, natural ingredients is often enough to ease anxiety and lift the clouds of depression. It offers a fresh start, a new perspective and sparks memories from the past of calmer, simpler times. A fresh bowl of soup feeds your soul as well as providing nutrition to your body.

Only the pure in heart can make a good soup .

Ludwig van Beethoven

How to make the perfect bowl of soup.

The perfect bowl of soup is made with fresh ingredients, but more importantly, it is made with love and patience. You can’t whip up a great bowl of soup. It takes time, skill, understanding, knowledge and experience. The best soup recipes have been crafted from years of trial & error. Each bowl containing it’s lessons from previous bowls, with time-honored techniques and little family secrets.

There are 3 components to the perfect bowl of soup; the stock, the contents and the garnish.

The Stock

The start of every soup is the base, or the broth, the stock. Whether you eat meat or not, you need to start with fresh, raw ingredients. Stock is the pride of any good cook and made with special, hand-picked ingredients. The marrow of beef or chicken bones provides flavour as well as much needed nutrition. Root vegetables also create a beautifully flavoured, highly nutritious stock. The trick, as any good cook will tell you, is time.

Creating the perfect stock

The best stock is made over a period of hours, and sometimes, days. Ingredients are carefully selected, chopped, diced and added to a large pot of water and left to simmer for hours.

The Contents

Vegetables, meat, lentils and seasoning are added through-out various stages of cooking. This is the hearty portion of the soup that fills our bellies, fuels our souls and provides comfort. Not all of these ingredients will stay with the broth until the end. Some of them simply provide a specific flavour and are removed before serving.

The Garnish

Traditional garnishes are suggested with certain soups, but you can improve any soup by adding colour, texture and flavour. This is what makes the bowl of soup unique to each individual.

The best soup has taken me 50 years to make

I recently read a passage from Sue Monk Kidd where she talks about her life and how she has been boiled down into a good strong broth. I believe this is true of all of us.

Our Stock

We are born with the perfect, raw ingredients and then boiled down in our first 24 years or so. Ingredients are added, some are removed, but the result should be a well flavoured, strong broth that we can build a soup from.

As with any broth, the contents will determine if this remains a broth, or a hearty soup that will nourish souls.

Our Contents

In life, we add careers, relationships and experiences that ultimately enrich our broth. Some of these will remain with us until the end, but some are just temporary to add flavour and will be removed when their contribution is complete. Each ingredient changes the broth in some way, adding flavour, texture or nourishment. Once an ingredient has been added, we must take care that is does not have a devastating effect on the result we are trying to achieve.

The Garnish

The garnish is what makes our soup unique. It adds that little flare of individuality to the best of age old recipes. The garnishes are the little touches that are added from love, cherished memories, sentimental touches and hope. Garnishing your soup requires wisdom, knowledge and experience. Pay close attention to the strong broth, the hearty ingredients all while keeping the end result in mind.

A good bowl of soup is a legacy

I have been boiled down to a good strong broth. Events in my life have created the foundation of my soup. Some of the ingredients taste bitter on their own, but when combined with the loving touches have created a lovely stock I am very proud of.

Ingredients such as past relationships have added their flavour, but not negatively altered my soup. I have counter-balanced bitter experiences such as heart-break and disappointment with love and lessons learned.

Some ingredients will stay in my soup until it is served, my children and my husband have created the hearty soup that nourishes our souls and provides comfort through difficult times.

Garnishes like friends, experiences, cherished memories and wisdom gained along the way have given this soup it’s distinct flavour.

The Perfect Bowl of Soup Recipe

  • Perfect, raw ingredients, slowly boiled down to create a strong broth
  • Remove any bits that no longer serve a purpose
  • Add healthy, natural experiences to ensure a hearty dish
  • Sprinkle with love, patience & wisdom

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