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Live Life To The Fullest


Personal Success Strategies allows you to create your life on your terms.

We strive to ensure your vision becomes your reality by assisting you to remove road-blocks and encouraging your authenticity.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

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We will create a structured program that fits your needs & allows you to surpass your expectations.

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Your past is not your fault, your future is your responsibility.  Accept that challenge and start your life on your terms - TODAY!

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We believe in authenticity and creativity. 

In order to experience the life you deserve to live, we will support you to naturally create possibility and nurture your sense of self.

By expanding you awareness, visualizing your future and realizing your potential we work to create the best version of YOU.


The vision of Personal Success Strategies is to support all people to easily realize their unlimited potential and naturally create possibility by expanding awareness of self and acceptance of others because we believe change is possible. 

positive change - Andi Lou


I am a Mom, wife, daughter-in-law, sister, friend. I have been on this planet for 48 years, and it’s been quite the journey. My childhood was riddled with strife, fear, anxiety & pain. This continued into my adult years until, ever so slowly, I began to seek change. 



Shannon is a pioneer, a rebel with a cause.  Through many of life's lessons, stumbles & stepping stones, Shannon has managed to come out of each trial stronger & wiser than ever.

She is here to help you do the same.

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