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Meet Shannon,  

Shannon is a pioneer, a rebel with a cause. Through many of life's lessons, stumbles and stepping Stones, Shannon has managed to come out of each trial stronger and more wise than ever.


With so many experiences in her short time here, she has found home. They say home is where the heart is, and Shannon has a huge heart!

She's she has found a home to harness her incredible intuition and compassion for others here at Personal Success Strategies.
Wisdom and guidance will lead Shannon to guide others.

Shannon feels more herself than ever and on this journey, and she is gradually becoming part of the team.

Shannon's background is in business and accounting and she has accomplished great things in her previous company. Productivity and morale went up while she was there for just shy of 6 years. Socially this job was extremely acceptable but Shannon felt stuck, and under-appreciated. Her talents were going to waste.

She loves helping others see who they truly are, and guiding them to their best self,
Which is why Shannon is looking forward to becoming part of this growing team of incredible boss babes, this will be a very fulfilling career and passion for her.


Why should I choose a Life Coach?

Your life, through trauma, experiences, gains & losses has given you a very unique set of skills.  I will help you to enhance those skills and use them to live your life on your terms.

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It's your turn,

You deserve to live a life full of prosperity, love, hope & adventure.

All of this is possible, if first, you just believe.

Let me help you make your dreams a reality.