Personal Success Strategies

The goal of Personal Success Strategies is to guide women to create their own solutions and achieve their own goals.  I am equipped to provide a wide range of services to address your specific needs.  I provide effective, solution-focused coaching to women looking to fully recover from the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse and I specialize in breaking the cycles of dysfunction.

I do not use a cookie-cutter formula, nor do I expect you to fit into our structure.  I will take time to get to know you; your needs, desires, goals & dreams.  With this, we will guide you to live Your Life on Your Terms.


Each client is treated as a unique individual & programs are designed around YOU!


We do not measure success based on our results, we measure them on Yours!


We use simple, effective strategies that you can easily implement to create the life of your dreams.


To be committed to creating authentic life experiences for our clients by expanding your awareness, visualizing your future and realizing your potential; we work to create the best version of YOU as we naturally create possibility and nurture your sense of self.


To embark on a path with our clients, building their tribe and to support all people to easily realize their unlimited potential and naturally create possibility by expanding greatness & acceptance of others, because change is possible.

Andrea - this is us


Andrea has a vision of  helping others overcome some of life's more interesting obstacles.  She has dedicated more that 15 years to serving her community through mental health, domestic abuse, foster care and much more.  She lives with her husband on a little farm in Southwestern Ontario.  They have 2 grown daughters and many "other" children from various walks of life.

About Personal Success Strategies

The goal of Personal Success Strategies is to guide you to living Your Life on Your Terms.

Embracing your best self, reducing fears, worries & stress, improving interpersonal relationships, creating abundance but most importantly; teaching you to set the standard for how other’s view & treat you, supporting you to truly love you first and reconnecting you to your truest passions & desires.


Why Choose Us

We are the Best

With 15+ years of client services. We are able to support you through a variety of challenges

Priority Always to Clients

My unique 15-minute Check-ins allow me to support you through life events as the happen.

We Always Motivate You

Accountability to your goals and support through the rough patches is our specialty.

Our slogan is Your Life on Your Terms because we believe everyone has the power to live the life they deserve to live.

Allow us to reconnect you to who you were intended to be; your values, your mission, your goals, your successes.

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