How to Eliminate Anxiety

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Anxiety ranges from racing thoughts to racing heart beats. The “what if” thoughts swirl in your head, each one creating more chaos than the last. Your chest tightens, it’s difficult to breathe, you can’t sleep and your heart feels like it wants to run away. These anxiety attacks can last a few minutes or days. Some people can still function through, while others require professional interventions such as medications, counseling or hospitalization.

IF you require professional support to manage your anxiety, please speak with them before trying anything new, like the tips I have for you today.

You can be controlled by anxiety, or you can control your anxiety.

My Story

I struggled with anxiety for years. The horrible racing thoughts, my heart beating out of my chest and paralyzing fear that would stop me dead in my tracks. I have been rushed to the hospital countless times for an irregular heart beat, sudden asthma attacks and even possible cardiac events. This was all before the age of 35. Each time I went, we only talked about the presenting symptoms, never the whole picture. Therefore, I was put on medications to maintain my heart rhythm, given puffer for my asthma & assigned a cardiologist. But it wasn’t A-Fib, asthma or anything else – it was anxiety. I was terrified of life. Terrified that I would never be good enough. Terrified of making the wrong choice. Terrified of screwing it all up.

I am not that person any more. Today, I am excited about life. I live my life on purpose and with only the best of intentions, and you can too.

We get anxious or stressed when we overestimate the situation, and underestimate our ability to deal with it.

9 Tips to Help with Anxiety

  1. Set your own expectations. When you are desperately trying to measure up to someone else’s expectations, you will fail every time.
  2. Get to know YOU. What do you like/dislike? What brings you joy? What are you good at?
  3. Find your tools. There are several tools out there to help you reduce an anxiety attack when it happens. Find the tools that work for you. (I can help you find tools)
  4. Insert reality. You have been here before and you survived. You have proven that you have the ability to handle this.
  5. Just breathe. Really learn to breathe, with purpose, intention and love. Focus on your breath, in & out, nice & slow.
  6. Find your tribe. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Inspire you. Challenge you to be/do more.
  7. Social cleanse. Reduce the time you spend with people who bring you down, stress you out.
  8. Get connected. Find a class, group or organization that feeds your passion. Join a team and get active!
  9. Find your purpose. We are all here for a reason. You have survived unspeakable events because of your strength, resilience & determination. How will you pay that forward to those that need your help?

Your Life on Your Terms

All of the tips listed above, have 1 thing in common – this is your life; you make the rules, you decide who to share it with, you create your story. You have the power to completely alter the direction of your life, if you want to. You can be controlled by anxiety, or you can choose to control it. You can be controlled by others, or you can choose to control yourself. You can choose. It’s entirely up to you.

You have been through a lot in your life time, I know. You see, these events didn’t happen TO you, they happened FOR you. Each event taught you something new about yourself. You have a very unique set of skills, knowledge, understanding & wisdom. No one else on the planet has everything you do. Take sometime to understand the lessons your life has taught you, then find a way to share this wisdom with those who need you.

Eliminating Anxiety

Time & Patience

It takes time but with patience & understanding you can learn to strengthen your resilience. You will learn that stress is a primal instinct designed for our survival, but it doesn’t have to define who we are & what we are capable of.

There are workshops & events all over the country that will help you gain the tools, build your tribe & increase your power. Make the investment in YOU – because you are worth it!!!

Design Your Life on Your Terms

This event will teach you how to truly appreciate everything you have been through, what it has taught you and how to use that information to Design Your Life on Your Terms. I truly hope you will join us!!!

You can purchase your ticket here.

Andrea Scarborough – Your Life on Your Terms

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