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positive change - Andi LouHow I got here

My background in Addictions has connected me with some of the most difficult to serve youth in Southwestern Ontario. For the last 10+ years I have worked with youth in corrections, addictions, homelessness and foster care who are struggling with abuse, neglect, attachment and/or trauma. While working with various organizations to support youth, I quickly realized the gap in services for struggling youth. In working with teens, it became very apparent that the greatest opportunities for healing laid within the family; however, this proved to be the greatest gap for effective service delivery. There is a standard expectation that the troubled youth need formal services. In some cases this may be true. But imagine for a moment that a service exists that can strengthen the support that a youth requires through supporting his/her family. Expecting a family to care for & support a youth without fully understanding the issues is a disaster in waiting. It is very much like having a heart attack and shaming the heart for stepping out of line. To treat a heart attack, we examine all aspects of the body, internal functions & external forces to create a well-rounded plan to prevent further episodes. The same can be said for how we address challenges within the family.


I have spoken with several men & women through my Blog Series The Phoenix Rises.  I have learned so much through this journey and the greatest lesson is this.  You have the power to change your life, to re-write your story!!  We all have stories of trauma, abuse, neglect & disconnection, but it doesn't have to stay that way.  You can change how your story ends!!  You can create a positive, loving, nurturing legacy for future generations.  

Your story began years, generations before you were even born.  There is a cycle of dysfunction that you inherited from previous generations!!  Until you are fully capable of acknowledging that, you will continue the cycle.  You will teach your children how to continue the cycle.  

You have the power to make all your dreams come true!!  You can have the car, the home, the vacation AND you can have the love and support you have been craving!!  All of this IS POSSIBLE, if you are willing to #EndTheCycle!!

Here's How:

I am not talking years of therapy, laying on a couch, sharing stories of torment and ridicule.  I am talking about an effective, efficient 6-week program!!

That's it!! 6-weeks!!  We will explore those inherited family dynamics, the unexplained behaviours in your children & the arguments you are having with those closest to you!!  All of these stem from the inherited beliefs.  We will work to reframe those beliefs.  We will create an authentic profile of the person you are intended to be, not the one you are currently hiding behind!

We will explore your dreams, your goals and all those times you were belittled for those dreams.  We will dig deep to uncover your true self, your passions, your beliefs.  We will empower the force that drives you!  We will create a plan to move you forward, get unstuck and through this, you will bring your children along for the journey!!  Through this, you will learn to empower your children to become authentic.  

Through this, you will #EndTheCycle and create a lasting legacy for you, your children and everyone around you!!  

You can't wait another day!!  Stop wasting time, trapped by the expectations of others!!  Find your passion, find your calling, find yourself!!!



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