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Girl Talk was born from the understanding that so much of a woman's life is in isolation.

It is very difficult to share the daily trials of being a wife, a mom, a professional without judgement.

Girl Talk is a safe place to be yourself - free from judgement - filled with empowerment!!

The vision is to have a Girl Talk group in every community across North America.  With a directory to finding information on each group.

This will provide support to those that travel for work, have moved across the country, or are just feeling the need to connect with women in a safe place.

Learn how to start a Girl Talk Group in your area.  Join us to get your local Girl Talk started today!!

Join Girl Talk

Connect with amazing women from across North America.

Join a Group of Women who have chosen to put themselves FIRST!

We are a collective of strong, empowered women who have successfully broken the cycle of abuse.  We are free to be who we need to be, without fear, without judgement.

Our experiences will help you live YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS.

The most effective way to break your cycle of toxicity, is to surround yourself with those who have succeeded & will support, guide & nurture you to be YOU!

You deserve this!

This is your first step to freedom!!