How I Used My Pain to Find My Pleasure

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I made a decision a long time ago. I decided that I was the one who had to find a way for the pain to end so I could find some pleasure in life. Up to this point I had survived life. I survived abandonment, abuse, neglect in my childhood, only for all of then to repeat as an adult. I watched as my children began to live the same cycle and realized this was because I was teaching them how to live in the cycle of negativity. Something needed to change. I needed to change. I chose to re-evaluate my perception of pain and you can too.


I looked back on my life and considered the moments that brought me joy and a sense of pleasure. Those moments all had the same theme; helping others. I was the one in high school that others turned to for advice or direction. I remembered feeling a sense of accomplishment when helping others to help themselves. This is what fed my soul. As an adult, others would come to me to talk about their marital disasters, behaviours in their children, or just general feelings of discontent. As a Mom, I was the community mom. The one my daughter’s friends turned to for support with navigating the crazy world of being a teenager. All of these moments gave me a sense of purpose, connectedness. I felt energized every time I was able to assist someone with their challenges. Even back then, without education or training, I was using my own experiences to guide others through their struggles. This, THIS is what I was supposed to be doing!! But how? My own life was a train wreck.

1 Simple Decision Changed It All

As I looked back on these moments of joy, pleasure, purpose and great internal satisfaction there was also a sense of hypocrisy. You see, I was great at resolving the issues that others brought to me, but I always managed to neglect my own issues. The longer I neglected me, the worse things got. I jumped from one miserable relationship to another. Each time, hoping this one would be different, but it never was. After the 3rd round of misery, I decided – “This is it. I quit.” The only thing that was the same in each relationship, was ME. I had to be part of the problem. That was the day I chose to be the solution!!

You can be part of the problem, or you can be part of the solution.

I Am My Solution

I began learning. I read about human behaviour, what makes us do what we do. I learned everything I could get my hands on. I learned that this learning also fed my soul. The more I learned, the more I understood my own path. Early in life, my path was chosen for me. I was in my 30’s before I realized that I had the power to choose my own path. I had the power to change my destiny – and so do you!! I began to realize that life didn’t happen TO me, it happened FOR me. Each event, situation, story of heart-break, disappointment and shame was there to teach me about the person I was designed to be!!

Your past is not your fault – your future is your responsibility.

Andrea Scarborough

Higher Education

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Learning gave me a way out of my pain and into my pleasure. I sought out a career where I could share my passion for helping others. I became a Certified Addictions Counselor, specializing in Mental Health, and later added Certified Life Coach. With these credentials, I was finally able to pursue my life dream of unlocking the secrets that kept me stuck stuck. Learning to unlock the messages of the past that prevented me from truly connecting with who I was meant to be. I was able to help me to become more healthy, to feel better physically and most importantly; connect more deeply with the people I chose to have in my life. I have spent years mastering the transition from pain to pleasure.

Sharing My Wisdom

Today, I give. I share what I have learned. I am blessed to have the opportunity to truly contribute something of value to all those around me. I now have a sense of joy, fulfillment and purpose, simply by following my passion and feeding my soul. When I began to see how sharing what I have learned, truly helps others increase their own quality of life, I knew I had found my ultimate pleasure. I am no longer consumed with the pain of my past. I am exhilarated with the pleasure it brings me.

Andrea Scarborough is an amazing woman and those that attend will get to see first hand what I have known for some time. This woman has an amazing gift for seeing to the root of issues and helping you to discover for yourself, how to cut through the crap that is holding you down, holding you back and keeping you limited. Those that work with Andrea, even on the smallest scale, are forever impacted by her generous love and wisdom. You owe it to yourself to attend her events.

Cate Sullivan

Sharing with the Masses

Cate is speaking about my Live Events. I have created a program that will change the way you view your pain. In 1 day, we will uncover what drives you, what feeds your soul and we will use that to transform your life of pain into your life of pleasure!! We will get you unstuck and finally excited about your future!! Design Your Life on Your Terms is a powerful, life-altering event that you don’t want to miss!!!

Decide today to take responsibility for your future!

You Are Worth It!!

You see, if I can completely alter the course of my life, just by making 1 simple decision, you can too. You can have everything you’ve always dreamed about. Make an investment in your future, your family, in YOU!

Life Guide, Sharer of Wisdom, Witness of Beauty, Mentor of Empowerment

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