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We all have a story.  Some of these stories are cherished memories, but often times, they are stories of tragedy, horrors, abuse, neglect and shame.

I have a few of these stories myself.  Stories of abandonment, neglect, shame, violence and abuse.  It was years of toxicity from people I trusted.  People who, by position in my life, were supposed to keep me safe, guide me & nurture me.  Sadly this wasn’t the case.

It took me a long time to see that this didn’t have to be my “norm”.  I didn’t have to be abused, I deserved to love & be loved, safely, confidently and honestly, without judgement.  I have been on my self-healing journey for 15 years now, and I grow stronger everyday!!  Today, I am much wiser, more confident, more self-aware and have the ability to say “NO” when I need to.  This is an amazing life I live!!

However; I am all too aware that there are still so many caught in this toxic life.  Women who are abused, physically and/or emotionally.  Women who are desperately trying to safely raise their children in a unhealthy, toxic environment.  This is no place to raise a child and it is no place to build a strong woman.

I have decided to do something.  I can’t sit and idly watch as this continues.  I am who I am today because someone dared to give me a voice.  I was allowed to tell my story.  The more I spoke, the less I feared.  It is now my turn to offer this same gift.

This is the first in hopefully a long series of blog posts. I am offering women a chance to tell their story.  Stories of past or current trauma.  These stories will be written into blog posts and shared with the world.  Anonymity will be offered for those who need it.  I will also link back to you, if you use your story to help heal & encourage others.

I will give you a voice.  Like the Phoenix, we will rise!  Together.  

If you, or someone you know would like to participate in this series, you can contact me here.

Please share this post.  We need to turn up the volume and tell our stories!!

Tina’s Story

Denyse’ Story

LeeAnne’s Story

Thank you, to all of you who supported me on my journey.  This wouldn’t be possible without you.  xoxo


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