Maggie Tudor

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Maggie Tudor, My Healing Journey

I have been through a lot in my short life.  Success in my schooling, athletics, clubs, and now professional life has never been a problem or struggle. Success in my personal life was another story, however. Many traumas and obstacles have tried to push me down and hold me back, but through working with Andrea I have been able to understand that I am resilient and these things have never succeeded to hurt me or break me. I’m finally feeling empowered and positive in my life so I think that this next step is something that is needed.  It is time for me to pay it forward and share my story to empower other women the way I have been empowered. It is needed not only to continue my own growth but also because it is probably part of the reason why I am here today.

Listen NOW.

Enjoy your own Power Hour.

Maggie would like to extend an invitation to all women to join an amazing group on Facebook.  This group is a collection of amazing women to encourage, support & empower each other.  If you’d like to chat further with Maggie about her journey, you can find her in Women on a Mission.

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