Mom – The Heart of the Family

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Mom, you are the Heart of your Family.

Seeking solutions for struggling children..

It is difficult to watch your child struggle. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Please understand that when your child is yelling at you, it is not personal.  They are trying to tell you how they feel about themselves.  Most parents take these horrible insults as a personal attack, and that is just not the case.  Those under the age of 25 do not possess the skills, knowledge or wisdom to truly understand what is bothering them.  They know that something isn't right, so they attack outside forces (usually Mom).  They are not able to truly look within to find solutions.  This attack is known as projecting.  They are projecting their fears, dislikes, insecurities onto the one person they feel safest with and that is usually Mom.  Learning to truly listen to your child will be the first step in re-engaging them in healthy conversation.
  2. Please try not to meet anger with anger.  When children are angry, or frustrated, they really want someone to join them on their path to self-destruction.  Meeting anger with anger, only escalates the situation.  Try to remain calm.  Remember to listen to everything, even what they are not saying.
  3. If you are finding truth in the hurtful things your child is saying, it may be time for you to seek solutions for yourself.  My career began when I decided to heal myself, so that I could effectively teach my child to heal.

Our children watch every move we make.  I have found (through both personal & professional experience) that it is not our job to "fix" our children.  It is our job to teach our children how to "fix" themselves.

When you take an active role in your own healing & self-discovery, your child will begin to follow your foot steps.  The solution lays within you!!


Getting Started

Step 1

Join our Solution-Focused Parenting Group on Facebook 

Step 2

Use the Parent Assessment Tool to help you uncover the causes of your family issues & begin to create a plan to get you Back on Track. 


I am so proud of you all ready!! 

You are seeking solutions and this is a huge first step!! 

I am here to help you help your family.  

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