My name is Tina.

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My name is Tina.

This is my Phoenix Story.

I was adopted at the age of 9 into a loving family.  Life before that was crazy, unstable and scary.  My birth mother struggled with addiction, she was abusive and neglectful.  As a young child desperately trying to be loved by my mother, I tried everything to make her happy, make her love me.  As an adult, I now see this was pointless, but I also see that these habits became ingrained in me and I have spent my entire life trying to make others happy. 
My adopted family is an amazing group of people.  They are kind, loving and supportive.  It was a huge culture shock for me in the beginning because I only knew chaos.  Stability was foreign to me.  My natural survival instinct was to make others happy, I followed the rules, I did my chores and would do anything to ensure I was loved!  For the first time in my life it was actually working.  This new family loved me!  This was thirty years ago, and there weren’t the same supports &  education back then.  The idea then was to remove the child from the chaos and place them in a supportive environment and love would fix everything.  Love did fix a lot, but it didn’t fix everything.  I was so good at making others happy, that no-one thought to teach me how to make me happy.  
I am currently on my third marriage and I am beginning to see that regardless of the love my adoptive family gave me, I have always gravitated towards chaos.  I have been comfortable there.  I can plan, predict, fix and heal others.  I believe this is the definition of co-dependency.  

Here’s where my story changes. 

I am going to finally figure out how to make me happy.  I am going to learn about me.  What I like, don’t like, need & want.  
I have had hopes & dreams, but they were all centred around my family, my children.  I’m going to create some new dreams, just for me.  
I am going to be happy, in my own way, on my own terms.  I am finally at a place where those that choose to celebrate MY happiness, will come along on my journey, and those that don’t, won’t.  And I am OK with that!!!
My name is Tina, I will be happy.  Everything else will just fall into place.  
Andrea was kind enough to donate her time to help me see that I am worth celebrating and I need to make ME happy.  
I’d love for you to share in this experience as well.  I encourage you to book your FREE Session, you’ll be amazed with the results!

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