Power Hour

Power Hour

The best hour of your life

Power Hour is a very unique 1-hour session that is so profound it will instantly transform your life.

How can 1 session change my life?

Thus far, you have been living your life according to what your family, your environment and your experiences have given you.  You have moulded yourself to fit into the expectations that others have of you.

We will dig deep, beyond all the beliefs you have on the surface and uncover the real you.

We will shine light on your unique skills, re-ignite your passion and inspire a natural drive that will create the life you deserve to live!

All that in 1-hour?

Yes, all that and so much more.  You will feel alive, inspired, focused and capable.  At the end of your Power Hour, you will have clarity about the direction you want your life to go and you will understand what has been keeping you stuck in your cycles of dysfunction.

FREE Power HourHow can we do that?

Our team has a combined 20+ years experience working the front lines of mental health.  We have learned that the greatest success stories come from asking the right questions.

When you schedule your Power Hour, you will complete a series of 12 questions.  Some of these questions focus on specific areas of your life and some of them are simply conversation-starters.  All the questions are simple and the best answers are the ones that roll off the top of your head, without much thought.

Power HourWhat does a Power Hour look like?

In order for you to receive the best results from your session, it is best that we do a video call.  Facebook Messenger has been the most common platform, but we can also use Zoom.

The conversation is will light  and easy going.  We will engage in conversation using some of the conversation-starters you offered at sign-up.

The flow will be natural and before you know it - your life will be forever altered.  It will just sneak up on you.

How much will this cost me?

This is a complimentary service from us to you.  We will never charge you a dime for a Power Hour.

It is our belief that every one deserves to reconnect with their own, unique authenticity and this is our way of making the world just a little bit better than we found it.

We would love to see a world where we are all guided by love, connection and peace.

NOW it's your turn!!  This is your chance to turn your dreams into reality!!  Start living your best life TODAY!!


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