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I do not know what I could have done without Andrea in my life.

It all started with her unique way of getting to know me, creating a profoundly accurate profile of me and her understanding of my needs.  She had a way to really know me in a very short period of time.  Quickly, Andrea was able to bring out the part of me that has been missing for a very long time.  She brought light and hope back in my life and I am eternally grateful for that.  She helped me see who I really am; she empowered me to have such a better outlook on my day-to-day life as well as my overall perspective on life.  Andrea has a gift!  I only hope that more people will benefit from this insightful person.  PLEASE give her a try!
~Dr. Margaret L. Tudor, CMPC

Andrea is able to connect with people on a personal level in a professional way that allows people to be comfortable around her. I watched her connect with people most would consider lost causes or closed books. She is down to earth, respectful, and sees potential in everyone she works with. Going forward in the field of addiction, I can't imagine she would find anything other than success.

An absolute pleasure to have worked with.


Andrea is the girlfriend every mom wishes to have and can relate to. She's been there, done that! Her personal experience along with her education and training has positioned her to relate with just about any parenting need, concern and or setback you may be experiencing. Being heard and listened to along with a action plan and support system that works is everything and that is what Andrea offers and delivers.


Andrea has really changed my life for the better. When I first met Andrea I was a mess I didn't want to go to school, I didn't want to do anything. All I did was sleep because that was my escape. Andrea helped me realize that there is so much more to life I just had to find it. There was times were I just wanted to give up but I never did because Andrea was there every step of the way to help me.


My daughter had a couple of sessions with Andrea and during their sessions, my daughter acquired a job, planning to go back to school this fall and most importantly, she is doing some little things to improve her health. She just got herself a blender bottle, mat, and some exercise bands. As a mother, I am a happy camper right now.


While on a call this morning with Andrea, she has completely changed my mindset. She has made me realize that I am my own hero, and I'm forever grateful for her ~Tayler

Andrea has been helping me for just over two months. If your reading this and are looking for help Andrea is the most supportive and goal orientated person I have ever met. She has helped me with taking my moody angry troubled teen and bringing back the young man I knew was there. If you are reading this and you’re at your wits end and you think there is no hope start here with Andrea. she taught me little tips (what I call tricks) and they were so small I remember thinking woman you are nuts. this isn’t going to work. you don’t know my son. I have tried everything under the sun. but I was so desperate so overwhelmed with where we were at in life that I agreed. I did it (her way with her)and wow what a difference she has made in our lives. I’m sitting here trying not to cry as I write this my son went from skipping school, drinking, smoking pot. In and out of the juvenile system on house arrest running away angry belligerent and defiant and today two months later he’s staying in school just got a scholarship for college classes probation let him off house arrest a week early because of his positive changes, he helps me here at home. is watching his cuss words, wears his pants (at least around me) on his butt where they belong. Passing his drug tests and so much more. He’s no angel and he still has his struggles everyday. Two months ago I saw no way out I saw a kid destined for a permanent life in the system and no way to stop it, no way to save him. So if you sitting here reading this but still doubting I hope you will remember my story. don’t give up, you, your child, you family, your life didn’t get this way overnight. it takes time to get back out but it doesn’t have to take years. And some changes no matter how small snowball into the most amazing moments. There is so much more I could say that working with Andrea has done for us but that would turn into a book, you are welcome to find me on Facebook whether it’s today, tomorrow or months from this posting date. I know we will never be where we were in May 2018.

~Marcella Bowen

Andrea is an amazing person, I got session with her without knowing she was a coach at first. She helped me see the “Me” I was always ignoring and I felt like a new person, in fact I am a new person. She is great and I will definitely recommend her service to anyone I can.

Well done, great job and all the best!


Andrea is one of the best mindf***ers I've ever met! If you need someone that'll nurture you and lovingly guide you past your limiting beliefs, she's your girl!

Wherever you are right now in your life, if you're unhappy with it, hire her. You'll never look back!


I had the pleasure to visit with Andrea this morning and she was amazing! Got me thinking! We are all here to help each other. She was a great listener! Which some of us need for someone to just listen to our story! We all have one good or bad. You never know who your story will help!

~Jennifer P

I had a truly amazing chat with Andrea. I felt she knew who I was and that was the first time we even spoke. Thank you:)


Andrea is fantastic. She can help you realize things about yourself that you didn't know. Guide you to a place of peace. I have never told my story to another. I will be creating my own happiness from this day forward.

Find your peace and happiness!!!


Andrea is an absolute gem! She has a unique ability to make my personal obstacles seem insignificant and provides steps on how to get over them and move forward.

She helped me shed an identity that I'd been holding onto as a crutch and helped me see me for who I really am. She's also funny as hell😂

I highly recommend her services!


Andrea is an amazing coach. She took the time to listen and understand my situation, and then presented real solutions in a caring, non-judgemental manner. Her mission and vision are so important right now in the world. Every family, eventually, hits a crisis. Andrea is an amazing resource to help get through those tough times, and come out stronger and happier on the other side.


I'm so empowered! I'm ready to face the world again. Thank you Andrea Scarborough. I'm blown away by your intuitiveness, professionalism, and heart! You are a real asset to our community! Loved my session.


Andrea is an incredible woman and amazing coach.