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Ho’oponopono Prayer

Among many other credentials, I am also a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner.  This is the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and healing.  Ho’oponopono uses a very simple, yet specific prayer to cleanse the sub-conscious mind of all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that are stored as memories.  The intention is to return to a Zero-State where there is only peace, love and joy in your heart and your mind.

I will add your name to my lovely little prayer jar that I use several times a day.  Each time, I will pull 3 names from the jar, at random.  I will work to cleanse these people through the power of prayer.

The Universe knows when you are struggling and will bring your name to my awareness when it is required.  Your name may be pulled several times a day, or only a couple times a week, it truly depends on what you are going through.  If your name comes up frequently, I will be in touch with you to see if I can offer additional support.

Yes, please add me to the Prayer Jar for only $5.99/mo (cancel anytime)

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