Find the services and support you need to Live Your Life on Your Terms.

Individual Goals

We will guide you to live Your Life on Your Terms.   Together, we will reconnect you to your true self, remind you of the dreams you once had, create possibility and set the expectations you have for yourself.  We will support you through challenging life events (divorce, career, moving or trauma) and re-establish your potential.

Couples Goals

Whether you've been together for 5 years or 55 years, eventually we all end up in a rut.  Couples sessions will allow you to reconnect to each other, learn valuable communication skills, set and achieve your goals for your future together.  Major life events (parenting, empty nesting, career changes or loss, retirement, or downsizing) can take it's toll on any relationship.  Stay connected and remember why you chose each other.

Family Goals

Social media has added a new element to the family dynamic.  We are the first generation in this new age of technology and it is difficult to find balance.  We are tasked with navigating uncharted waters and this is causing stress between generations.  We will help you to reconnect with each other, disconnect from technology, openly communicate and enjoy each other's company.

Trauma Goals

Trauma can be a difficult road to navigate.  It comes in many forms (abusive relationships, addiction, serious illness or injury, sudden loss, etc.).  Trauma can create fear, anxiety and depression which, if not dealt with will lead to reduced ability to function in everyday life.   We will support you with a variety of spiritual practices that will gently heal your past and open up a very bright future.

Online Sessions

Sessions are held online via Facebook Messenger Video Call or Zoom.

In-Person Sessions

Depending on your location, we may be available to meet with you in your home.

How will your life change?

You will develop positive habits that will create forward momentum in all areas of your life.
You will create a goal for 2019
  • Learn the exact steps to create an achievable goal
  • Understand the action steps required to achieve your goal
You will follow the same process to work on your 2020 goals
You will be taught proven strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
You will learn mindfulness practices of forgiveness & healing
  • This will remove all the self-doubt that keeps you stuck in repetitive, self-destructive cycles.
You will master the skills required to eliminate negative self-talk.
  • You will finally understand the beauty of loving yourself and all the amazing skills your life has taught you.
Create your own expectations for yourself.
  • Stop trying to live up to the expectations that others have set for you.
All of this adds up to: Learning to Live Your Life on Your Terms!
You will see and feel incredible results in 6 very short months!! Your life will never be the same!

We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs.




Your Schedule

Your Budget

Your Goals


Start Now



3 Months

12 Sessions

Meet weekly

In-person* or Online

$1350 (save 25%)

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6 Months

24 Sessions

Meet weekly

In-Person* or On-line

$1800 (save 50%)

Start Now

Learning to Live Your Life on Your Terms offers 3 & 6 month programs where we meet weekly.  You have the option to work session per session for $150/session (valued at $1800 for 3 months or $3600 for 6 months) or purchase either  program as a package as listed above.

Please call for a FREE quote for either Family or Couples Sessions.

*In-person sessions must be within our services area & may be subject to additional mileage fees.


Referral Rewards

Because YOU do our most effective marketing...

Most of our clients come from our clients.  We appreciate this and would love to offer you a gift for your kindness.
When your friend buys a coaching package because you recommended us, you will receive a FREE session.  We call this Referral Rewards!
The more you talk about us, the more you save!!
Just make sure your friends tell us you sent them!!

Live Events

Stay tuned for upcoming live events in your area!

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