Empower Hour

Welcome, I'm so glad you to chose to join me on this journey.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and you landing here is no exception.
There is a guiding force, much bigger & far more powerful than ourselves.  This force, if we choose to listen will lead us exactly where we are supposed to be.  Today, you chose to listen.


Every event in your life has happened for a reason.
There are no accidents in the Universe.
You are here because you are searching.  Searching for that 1 missing piece that will put it all together.

That piece...Is right here!

I know your trek has been a long one… you’ve risen over tall obstacles… navigated harsh waters… and weathered life’s heaviest storms…
But, the fact that you are here today, is proof that a powerful transformation has already awakened deep within you, and now...

YOU Are Finally Ready,

You’re ready to experience the world of magic and limitless abundance you were born to live.

YES… right now… TODAY… is the moment you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

I’m going to reveal a life-changing…



Secret  to naturally creating the life you have always dreamed of!!

A secret that will feel like a long lost wand from the fabled world of Atlantis has safely fallen into your possession…

And all you have to do is wave your wrist to create ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING you’ve ever desired... all in the flash of a divine spark.

In what feels like seconds, you’ll create…

Empower Hour

Andrea knew just how to help me get back up & running with self-esteem, confidence, energy and a zest for life again.

Thank you Andrea!!


~Vicki Ariatti
Vicki's Wellness Therapeutics

Empower Hour

Andrea was on point with how my self-limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck - both personally and professionally.  She has the ability to tap into your inner motivation and see/realize what will propel you forward as your true authentic self.  I am still amazed at the insight, tools and strategies she provided.  Andrea is insightful, caring and truly passionate for helping others succeed.

~ Taren Leigh

Empower Hour

I came away from the session with a renewed realization about where I am now, and where I am headed.  Andrea is a reflector of truth.  I am so glad I scheduled that time.  It was worth it!!

~Mel Ann
Life Souvenirs

You too, can unlock your limitless potential and your deepest passion.

You will learn how to live Your Life on Your Terms.

In 1 ground-breaking session, we will:

  • Easily create possibility by examining your stuck points
  • Visualize your abundant future, filled with unlimited potential
  • Expand your understanding of who you were designed to be.
  • Naturally harness the power that lies within you to create the life of your dreams!

Empower Hour

This was a very insightful, jam-packed hour, getting right to the heart of things. After asking a few random questions, Andrea was able to deep dive into the core of my belonging and determine ways for me to live in that space rather than living at surface level, in a place of just "fitting in." I feel hugely inspired, excited and full of energy after our call. Thank you Andrea for painting a picture of true belonging and my future.
Ladies, if you feeling lost in any way (or even if you think you have it all together...), I strongly encourage you take advantage of this amazing offer! Andrea is an insightful, inspiring and uplifting person who will uncover some key things about you and get you thinking in new ways!!

~Evelyn Grundy (Evelyn Grundy Design)

  • You will receive all of these wonderful much-deserved gifts... in the blink of an eye.
  • You will feel alive!
  • You will have clarity about your life's purpose!
  • Your purpose will open up a desire & a motivation to create the life you have always deserved!
  • You will understand what has been holding you back from truly & freely living your life.

In just 1 hour

Yes… in as little as 1 hour, you WILL have proven to yourself just how powerful you are!
Imagine… waking up tomorrow morning fully believing that your DREAM is real.
As you’re about to see, this really can happen for you too just like it has for thousands of others.
I’ll get to all the exciting details in just a moment.
First though, let me back up and introduce myself.

Empower Hour

My name is Andrea Scarborough, and for the next few minutes you can think of me as your “journey guide.”

My highest intention is to help you awaken a long forgotten part of yourself. A God-given power to turn your greatest desires into an immediate reality!

Years ago, I was drowning in chaos.  I was a drama junkie.  I surrounded myself with drama junkies and if there wasn't any drama, I created it.  I needed everything to be a crazy whirl-wind of chaos & drama.  I had no self-esteem, no dreams and no future.  Life was bleak, but that's what I thought it was supposed to be.

My self-talk was on repeat:

"You'll never be good enough"

"You don't deserve that"

"This is the love you deserve"

"You're not like other people"

Words like can't, shouldn't  & don't were in almost every sentence.

I surrounded myself with people who needed to be fixed and I would make it my life mission to help them.  I offered advice, I took on their burdens; I just needed everyone to be happy.

I was so determined to "fix" others that I created a cycle of toxic relationships - 3 of them to be exact - each one worse that before.  But, I was determined to love these men enough to "fix" them.

The problem was, I was miserable.  I was so busy pleasing others, I was working myself into an early grave.

Then my life really began to fall apart:

  • I broke my neck
  • One daughter was fighting for her life with a terminal illness
  • The other daughter was fighting for her life with mental illness
  • My relationships were a disaster
  • I was broke, alone & physically & mentally exhausted.

Something had to change.

I began seeking answers everywhere I could find them.  Eventually, I went back to school & graduated with an Honours Diploma in Addictions & Mental Health.

This was the catalyst for the new me.

A fire was lit inside me.  I realized that I had spent so much time pleasing others, that I never tried to please me.

My dad used to say "You've got to stand for something. or you'll fall for anything".  Well, I had fallen - hard & fast.  It was time to pick myself up, dust myself off and figure out this thing called life.

With my education, my experiences I began working in mental health & continuing my education.  I was a sponge for information!!

This is where you come in,

It has been over 10 years since I began my journey of self-discovery.  I have gained valuable insight, wisdom & knowledge along the way.

While working in the field of mental health, it became increasingly obvious to me that in order to get to the heart of the matter, I needed to ask the right questions.

Those questions were complied into this revolutionary 1-hour session that will change your life forever. 

After over 10 years of training and working with people just like YOU,

I have created a system that is like no other.

This will revolutionize how you view yourself, your life, your family, your career and your future!!

This system has proven, time and time again that each of us has the power to re-ignite the flame that burns inside.
The flame of eternal hope, unlimited potential and prosperity, an abundance of love and joy.
But most of all, we will create inner peace.

It's your turn to take advantage of this incredible, profoundly-life-altering system.

Empower Hour

Most of us live our lives on the surface, above water, using only our conscience minds.
This means we take everything at face value.  Words that are said (or unsaid), the behaviours of others -  all of this is analyzed exactly how it is viewed at surface level.
There is so much more going on underneath.  When we explore what's happening below the surface, we begin to understand the driving force behind the limiting beliefs or negative self-talk.
Tapping into our sub-conscience mind allows us to sort through the messaging we have received through-out our lives.
Messages like - you can't, you shouldn't, you won't - that replay in our conscience mind over &
over again.
Once I figured out how to tap into my sub-conscience mind and rewrite the negative messaging that had me stuck, I was FREE!!
Free to live the life of my dreams!!
Free to marry the man of my dreams and build a life together on a 100 acre piece of property just as I had always envisioned.
Today, my family is healthy, happy the truly thriving!!
All because I took the time to uncover my own authenticity.
I became the positive example for my children.


 I will do this for you too.
You deserve to live the life you have always envisioned.
The house, the family, the vacations, the career - it's all within your grasp!!
Start living Your Life on Your Terms TODAY!!
Click the button to get started!!

For only $97 you can start this journey today.

Hit that button now!

Still not convinced that I can do all of this in 1-hour?

Read what others have to say or leave a review of your own.  We appreciate your feedback.


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