How Will Coaching Help My Child?

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How will coaching help my child?

Coaching is a wonderful tool used to improve motivation, remove stuck points and increase productivity.  Coaching is used on a number of different levels from Personal Coaching, Executive Coaching and Sports Coaching, which is the one we are most familiar with.  Just like a baseball or hockey coach, a Success Coach will teach your child the necessary skills to be successful.  I will support, encourage and celebrate successes.

Initial Consultation

I will chat with your child for approximately 30 minutes.  During this time we will get to know one another and assess the working relationship.  This consultation is FREE and can be done over the phone, Zoom or (in London & Middlesex) in person.

We will chat about the ultimate goal, points of frustration and stumbling blocks that your child faces.  I will explain who I am, my experience and how I can help.  If both your child and myself feel that we can build a working relationship, we will schedule Coaching Sessions.

Coaching Sessions

Most clients see marked improvement in a very short time.  3 Sessions are usually enough to get started.  Some clients prefer 6 Sessions to ensure stability and development of new habits.  By the end you should begin to notice:

Improved self-esteem

Ability to let go of limiting beliefs

Natural stress & anxiety reduction

Creative possibilities

Realized self-worth

Visible future

Unlimited potential

Individual Sessions can also be booked for further assistance; planning for a major life event, reducing anxiety, dealing with bullying or any other reason a single session may be beneficial.

I also offer Parent/Caregiver Consultations.  This is an opportunity for Caregivers or Parents to discuss their concerns or goals for their child.  It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn how to continue to support your child once their sessions have ended.

The greatest advantage to coaching is that we do not dwell on past events.  I am more interested in launching a future filled with possibilities.  Through simple conversation, we will discover limiting beliefs and work to eliminate them.  We will create new daily habits that will improve self-esteem, motivation, productivity and create a vibrant future.

Also, Coaching is equally effective both in person or over the phone/Zoom, so if transportation is an issue, we can remove that limiting belief right now.

Booking Sessions

Honesty & Accountability

When you click to book your sessions, you will see a variety of options.  I am available to work with your child both in person or via phone/Zoom.  Please ensure you schedule the appropriate sessions.  I have bundled sessions to offer a discounted rate; the more you book, the more you save.   The foundation of my work is Honesty & Accountability.  I will always be on time for sessions, please ensure the same respect.  If we are not meeting in person, the client holds the responsibility to call me.  This is also a necessary life skill, so please encourage your child to follow through with this on their own.





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