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Eve Walker

This lady is just amazing! So I contacted Andrea regarding a friend and she gifted me with a free coaching session. I had no idea what to expect, but she blew me away within the first five minutes of talking. Andrea just knew who I was and what I was about. She truly listens to …

Esther Kay

When I found Andrea, I was in a very vulnerable position – leaving a toxic relationship. Within one session she helped me to feel more grounded and to know that I can deal with everything that will be thrown my way. I appreciate her open and direct way to talk and ask questions and her …

Garrett Avery

Andrea is very talented at getting to the heart of the issue in a very small amount of time. This is obviously more than a job for her and it is obvious that she deeply wants to help you take your life to the next level. Give her a bit of trust, and you will …

Jameeleh Shewket

Andrea knows what she’s doing! Amazingly skillful powerful inspiring coach. Very wise! Her background in psychology and her life journey gave her much discernment and compassion on the top! Recommend her? Absolutely!!! Thank you Andrea for a wonderful coaching experience!

MelAnne Morales

I booked a Empower Hour with Andrea and it was so dead on powerful. I came away from the session with a new realization about where I am now & where I am headed. Andrea is a reflector of truth. I’m so glad I scheduled the time. It was worth it!

Stephanie Esparza

I had my Empower Hour with Andrea this morning, and it was so profound and so powerful. She was able to take 60 minutes and turn my whole world around. I am looking forward to our future meetings. I am so excited to see the changes that she will empower me to make for my …

Huey St. Clair

Andrea is a special person. She is a incredible listener, coach and intuitive . She truly looked at me with the eyes of love. Being a Hsp/empath/introvert I don’t always find it safe to express myself. But she made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for listening and witnessing me. I felt very supported during …


Andrea doesn’t waste a second. She understands your purpose and what’s stopping you from it without having to ask many questions and then she gives you all the tools and the push you need to achieve it. I would recommend her without a fragment of a doubt

Fla Flower

I reached out to Andrea, having gone through a recent, unexpected traumatic event that I knew I needed to work through. In the session Andrea immediately struck me as a knowledgeable, confident and skillful life coach with much experience in supporting people through traumatic life events. Her methodology was very unique, as she was able …

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